“ When pain is not transformed, it is transmitted”

-Brene Brown


It is an honor to be given the oportunity to be a part of your healing journey, and work with you and your needs.

Therefore, you can expect from me years of training and therapeutic skills to support you in your efforts toward a quality life.

Therapy is about:

Leaving your past in the past, and learning to live fully in the present moment

Healing from a variety of diagnosable symptoms from the highs of ADHD and anxiety to the lows of depression and trauma.

Turning external validation seeking into internal self-validation.

Building a life you love to Look at.

Asserting and maintaining Your Spiritual, Emotional, Physical & Sexual Boundaries.

Engaging with others in meaningful & sustainable ways.

Six Components of Healing

According to Daniel Siegel MD

  1. Establishing Safety
  2. Forming Attachments
  3. Seeking Regulation
  4. Introspection
  5. Integration of the Past
  6. A Future Beyond Trauma